xapi_customgpt Reporting on xAPI Data Using ChatGPT

If you’ve not been following my journey of discovery on how to use xAPI with AI, you can catch up by looking at Understanding xAPI Data and AI: An Analogy with Buckets, Lessons Learned in Training AI Models with xAPI Data and xAPI to AI – a No Code Solution.

TL;DR – go straight to the customGPT, upload your xAPI data and start reporting!

Through curiosity, I started looking at ChatGPT Agents, or GPT’s. These are the custom trained GPT’s for specific purposes. The GPT Store is growing rapidly, but there was only a few there for xAPI. I want to give a shout out to Sarah Mercier for her post on LinkedIn about her ChatGPT – xAPI Statement Constructor. This was absolutely awesome and really piqued my curiosity (as if it wasn’t piqued enough by now!).

My journey has focused on the technical aspect of training an LLM. As my wife continues to remind me, I always start doing things in the most difficult way!

So, I started looking at these GPT’s. What are they? How can I use them for what I trying to achieve? First point to make, you need a paid subscription to ChatGPT to generate a custom GPT.

I took a leaf out of another GPT I found and created a Concierge for an upcoming conference. The concept was quite simple and ChatGPT helps you along the way. All in all, about 20 minutes is all it took to create the concierge.

Back to the topic of xAPI. Creating the custom GPT Concierge got me thinking of can I train a custom GPT to report on xAPI data?

I created a custom GPT and started training it. Feeding it links to the spec and profiling, passing questions and prompts around the types of the reports that you can generate. This was really starting to work well. The responses were good and logical.

I’d not need data to feed into it. I wanted this to be based on a user uploading data. The data needs to be consistent. From my previous post xAPI to AI – a No Code Solution, I had generated a small web app that will query your LRS and return data in different formats that an LLM can be trained in. I added this to the custom GPT and asked it to share this link if a user wants to get their data themselves.

After conducting a few tests with a colleague, I was absolutely astonished—completely gobsmacked—by the results!

There is lots more to learn, but in the meantime, follow the link below to add it to your ChatGPT or search the store for xAPI Reporting Assistant.

There are some restrictions on the file size you upload and note that it needs to analyse your data, so please be patient on initial upload!


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