Reporting on xAPI Data Using ChatGPT

If you’ve not been following my journey of discovery on how to use xAPI with AI, you can catch up by looking at Understanding xAPI Data and AI: An Analogy with Buckets, Lessons Learned in Training AI Models with xAPI Data and xAPI to AI – a No Code Solution. TL;DR – go straight to […]

xAPI to AI – a No Code Solution

If you’ve been following my journey of discovery on how to use xAPI with AI, you’ll be aware of what I’ve tried todate. For those that haven’t, check out the links below to get up to speed. Whilst still ‘playing’, <cough> I mean researching, I stumbled across an article that was a game changer (for […]

Using AI to report on xAPI – an Experiment

With all the AI hype, I wanted to see how AI could be applied to xAPI data to generate some meaningful results. I am in no way an AI expert….. but I am incredibly curious. xAPI Reports, in my view, has not been easy or readily available in Learning Record Stores. Whilst there are plenty […]

Streamlining Vocational Training Assessment with Remote Reviewer

Image by pikisuperstar on Freepik In this scenario, we explore how Remote Reviewer enhances the assessment process for vocational training. We will be focusing on the unit FWPCOT3228 Plane/sand panels. Remote Reviewer offers a digital platform to efficiently evaluate student performance and assessment through video submissions and structured checklists. 1. Task Checklist Creation: An administrator […]

Streamline Remote Performance Assessment with Remote Reviewer: Enhancing Evaluation in Distributed Work Environments

Remote Reviewer

In an era characterized by remote work and dispersed teams, the challenge of assessing performance effectively has become increasingly complex. Remote Reviewer offers a solution tailored to this modern landscape, providing a streamlined platform for managing performance assessments from anywhere. Navigating Remote Assessment Challenges Traditional methods of performance assessment often rely on in-person observation, making […]

Remote Asssessment using xAPI with Remote Reviewer / The Digital Learning Guy have recently launched their initial MVP of Remote Reviewer. Remote Reviewer is an online platform that provides secure and flexible solutions for conducting assessments and evaluations remotely. With the power of xAPI technology, data is efficiently captured and stored, making it easier to manage and track results. Whether you […]

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