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What is xAPI?

xAPI, or Experience API, is a game-changer in learning tracking, adhering to the IEEE 9274.1.1-2023 standard. It captures diverse activities, from online courses to real-world experiences, offering rich insights into learner behavior. This empowers organizations to personalize learning experiences, particularly in e-learning and training, for optimal outcomes.

IEEE Standard

xAPI became an IEEE Standard in 2023 thanks to a dedicated team of xAPI gurus. View the standard

Online & Offline Capability

As xAPI is JSON, the statements can be stored and posted when network connectivity is available

Simplified Format

The standard concept of xAPI is based on Someone Did Something. For exampke Jon Smith Played an Induction Video. In xAPI terms, this is called an Actor | Verb | Object

Experience Tracking

xAPI allows much greater recording, reporting and ultimalty unlocking all the experiences a learner is doing.


xAPI broken down in its simplest form is the concept of Someone Did Something. Translated, this comprises of an Actor – the Someone, the Verb – what the person did and the Object, this is the Something.  

All the data is wrapped in JSON making it lightweight and easy to use. The format of the data must comply with the specification. You can view the specification at

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How is xAPI data Captured and stored?

xAPI Data is captured in a Learning Record Store (LRS). It keeps track of when and how learners engage with learning activities, helping organizations understand and improve their learning programs.

Applications that send xAPI data are known as Activity Providers. These can be just about anything from games, PDF, websites, videos etc

How can xAPI Improve Learning?

Consider this - we are all familiar with SCORM, and we are familiar with having a video in the SCORM package. How do you know if your learner has skipped the video? How do you know if they are pausing or skipping the video?

xAPI allows capturing learning experiences that we would usually not be aware of. In turn, this allows us to better understand our learners and create more learner centric courses.

A snapshot of some of the reporting features from Veracity Learning Record Store

Using AI to report on xAPI

If you use ChatGPT, The Digital Learning Guy has developed a GPT that allows uploading of xAPI Data and reporting on it.

There’s a need to get the data from your LRS. We’ve developed a simple tool to help with this.

To see xAPI in action, click on the link below to open an interactive example of how xAPI is captured when engaging with video.

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Julian is an experienced Digital Learning Solutions Architect, Presenter, Facilitator, and Award-Winning Author, bringing over two decades of expertise in web and digital technologies to solve organizational challenges in digital learning (eLearning), this is where xAPI comes into play.

Julian has experience in implementing xAPI into both large and small organisations to unlock the digital body langauge of learners. Julian has also presented at esteemed conferences worldwide on xAPI and other Digital Learning Technologies.

Julian has been recognized as an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AFAITD) in 2018 and 2024 as a Fellow with the Institute For Learning and Performance (ILP) Asia Pacific for my contributions to the field of digital learning.

Julian is actively involved in the global xAPI Community and the visionary behind Remote Reviewer.

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