xAPI has been around for over 10 years now. Starting as the Tin-Can API Project. Having been involved with the growth of xAPI, it is so great to see the next iteration of xAPI (xAPI 2.0) now become officially recognized as an IEEE Standard (IEEE 9274.1.1-2023).

The big deal here is who has approved it. Being an IEEE approved standard puts xAPI in the same category as other standards we rely on, like Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11).

Ben Clark https://xapi.com/blog/reflecting-on-10-years-of-xapi/

With the new standard, xAPI will become even more prevalent in future learning tools as well as many other IoT, but what does that mean for the existing technology you have?

Recently I came across this post from Torrence Learning on how well does your LMS stand up to xAPI. Well worth the read and a test of your LMS.

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