4361899-1024x726 Streamlining Vocational Training Assessment with Remote Reviewer
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In this scenario, we explore how Remote Reviewer enhances the assessment process for vocational training. We will be focusing on the unit FWPCOT3228 Plane/sand panels.

Remote Reviewer offers a digital platform to efficiently evaluate student performance and assessment through video submissions and structured checklists.

1. Task Checklist Creation:

An administrator in the organization generates a task using a checklist based on the performance criteria of FWPCOT3228. Each criterion is translated into a specific task within the checklist.

This is done using AI and entering the Course Code to generate the Task List, pulling the performance criteria.

ai_search Streamlining Vocational Training Assessment with Remote Reviewer

2. Task Assignment to Students:

The student is assigned the task and receives instructions via email along with a unique link to upload or record the video.

They are prompted to record themselves completing the tasks and upload the video using a unique link provided in the email.

3. Video Submission:

The student then records their task based on the checklist that was linked to the task. They then upload the videos through the provided link, ensuring compliance with safety procedures and operational guidelines.

4. Review Assignment:

 Upon video submission, organizational administrators are notified. A Reviewer is then assigned the task. The reviewer, who is qualified in the unit FWPCOT3228 to assess the student based on the predefined criteria. They mark tasks as completed or pending based on the student’s performance.

Each task is marked as completed or not completed and comments and feedback captured against the video timestamp. These are all captured in xAPI and saved to the Learning Record Store selected I the task setup.

review-1 Streamlining Vocational Training Assessment with Remote Reviewer

6. Feedback and Results:

Upon completion of the review, the student will receive an email notifications containing unique access codes to view their assessment results. Feedback provided helps students understand their strengths and areas for improvement.

7. Data Management and Reporting:

Assessment data, recorded in xAPI format with a Video profile, is securely stored in the Learning Record Store. This data can be accessed for reporting purposes, providing valuable insights into student progress and performance trends.


– Efficiency: Streamlined assessment process saves time for both students and educators.

– Accuracy: Objective evaluation criteria ensure consistent and fair assessment outcomes.

– Feedback: Detailed feedback fosters continuous improvement and learning.

– Data Insights: Comprehensive assessment data enables informed decision-making and curriculum refinement.


By leveraging Remote Reviewer’s capabilities, vocational training organizations can enhance assessment practices, promote student engagement, and achieve better learning outcomes. This use case exemplifies the platform’s effectiveness in optimizing assessment processes while maintaining educational standards and quality.

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