rr2-1-1024x114 Remote Asssessment using xAPI with Remote Reviewer

xapi.com.au / The Digital Learning Guy have recently launched their initial MVP of Remote Reviewer.

Remote Reviewer is an online platform that provides secure and flexible solutions for conducting assessments and evaluations remotely. With the power of xAPI technology, data is efficiently captured and stored, making it easier to manage and track results. Whether you need to assess employees, students, or customers, remote reviewer is the ideal solution for conducting assessments and evaluations in a remote environment.

We have teamed up with Veracity to provide a Learnign Record Store (LRS) on creation of an Organsation account. When creating an account in Remote Reviewer as an Organisation, an account is automatically created on Veracity’s Learning Record Store (LRS). This allows you to get you started without having to set up an LRS.

image-1-1024x354 Remote Asssessment using xAPI with Remote Reviewer

Get Your FREE Remote Reviewer Account

Follow the link below and register for your FREE account on Remote Reviewer. 

If you’re an Organisation and want to create tasks, Select the Organisation tab. The Reviewer is where you can register to be assigned tasks.

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