As I delve more in to the world of xAPI and gain a higher level of understand as well as it’s full potential, Data Driven Learning Design, based on Data Driven Body Language has crept into many of my searches. This is a concept conceived by Lori Niles-Hofmann and to me, makes absolute perfect sense, especially when you look at the experiences that xAPI is capturing.

Having started my learning journey in the classroom as a facilitator, you’ve a direct in site into what it is your students are doing and how they are reacting. You can easily identify the ones that are struggling to grasp a concept purely from their body language. Now flip that to an online environment. Enter the Digital Body Language. Lori has produced an awesome eBook that I’ve mentioned here as well as many tweets. More recently, as the CFO of Fuse, Lori has released a short video on the The Importance of Data Driven Learning Design.

It’s just under 4 minutes long, so take a break from what you’re doling perhaps grab a coffee and check it out.


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