Using xAPI Video Profile for Remote Assessment

Using xAPI Video Profile for Remote Assessment

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Remote Reviewer, a purpose built xAPI Activity Provider to use videos to check and assess Video has been designed to use xAPI Profiles, in particular, the xAPI Video Profile.

The video profile of xAPI was created to identify and standardize the common types of interactions that can be tracked in any video player.

So, what does this actually mean? 

Put simply, a reporting tool knows that the xAPI statements will conform to the profile and therefore would be able to generate reports and graphs.

xAPI Video Profile

This is where Veracity Learning Record Store (LRS) comes in to it’s own. Veracity’s reporting engine will allow picking up of the Video Profile and create a Video Histogram, along with other reports.

The video histogram widget in Veracity Learning uses the “playedSegments” extension ( from the xAPI Video Profile. This extension reports a series of segments that have been played during a video session. 

Read more on the Video Histogram

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